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What is Transformation

What is Transformation?

Transformation facilitates a shift in the way you view the world as well as a shift in how you view yourself. It is however not simply a change in your point of view but rather a totally different – an altered perspective of what is possible. It affords you the capacity to expand your worldview so that you are able to appreciate new perspectives. It enables you to simultaneously consider multiple viewpoints on that which confronts you. This does not mean that you are just moving around from one viewpoint to another but that you are constantly able to expand your awareness to encompass more and more possibilities as you expand your level of consciousness during the process of transformation.

What are the triggers for Transformation to occur?

There are a number of triggers for the transformation of which one is dissatisfaction with the person’s current life situation. The person is no longer satisfied with living a mundane life – no longer satisfied with doing what pleases the crowd. Research has revealed that the most common trigger for consciousness transformation is pain and suffering. Life events such as illness, divorce and work insecurity may serve to disrupt the steady-state of a person’s life affording them the opportunity (should they see it as such) to alter their path in order to adopt an expanded and meaning-filled worldview. Frightening and painful life experiences bring with it the capacity to loosen our control and dissolve our ‘programmed’ identities in ways that broaden our understanding of what is possible.

Crisis, suffering, loss, the unexpected encounter with the unknown – all of these have the potential to initiate a paradigm shift in perspective – an altered way of seeing the familiar through new eyes, a way of seeing the self in a completely altered way. It re-shuffles the person’s values like a deck of cards bringing hidden values to the top. This creates the opportunity for the individual to step away from former life and identity that has, due to circumstances, been thrown out of control thus affording the person the opportunity to surrender to what is and she/he is then ‘reborn’ with a new larger and expanded reality impregnated with opportunities.


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