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What is Transformation Coaching?

The goal of Transformation Coaching is to bring about increased awareness of the person’s model of the world and to create new possibilities for how she/he view themselves as well as others. This is done in order to facilitate a paradigm shift as to how the world at large is viewed and perceived and this serves as motivation to achieve what the client desires.
During the Transformation Coaching Program, the coach works on beliefs, values and emotions embedded within the client’s subjective (sub-conscious) mind. The focus is on helping the individual explore the underlying assumptions, beliefs, values, expectations and personal attitudes that shape their experience of self, their world as well as how this impacts upon the views and behaviours of others and then bringing about the desired change by replacing negative emotions and limiting beliefs with positive ones. The alteration of limiting beliefs and view of self serves to achieve the person’s desired outcome. Upon entering into a transformation program, the coach’s aim is to determine what the client’s primary challenges, issues or aspirations are and how best to change them in order to achieve the desired outcome.
During Transformation Coaching personal transformation is brought about by assisting the individual to explore their current assumptions, beliefs, and values. The coach then facilitates a process whereby the person realises how their assumptions have limited them in reaching their potential and it is working on this level of root-cause of the presenting challenge that the desired change is brought about.


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