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Weight Control

You have been struggling with weight issues for what seems like a lifetime and have tried diet upon diet without any long term success. You feel that by just eyeing another person’s hamburger it will make you gain weight!
I have good news: “I can assist you to reach your goal weight and maintain it”!!  For life!!! 

If you experience all or some of the symptoms described below I will assist you to reach your desired goal weight:

  • Binge eating (eating when you are not hungry)
  • Regularly eating beyond fullness
  • Binge eating at night or when alone
  • Feeling out of control or compulsive about food
  • Using food for love, comfort, stress relief, distraction, etc.
  • Wanting to avoid feelings, escape from difficult situations by turning to food
  • Finding that diets have not worked for you in the long run
  • Emotional eating
  • An all or nothing approach to dieting
  • Sensitive and perceptive, affected by the moods of others

With the Life Success Transformation Coaching Program, I offer coaching, mentoring and consulting that will help you to reach and maintain your ideal weight!!

If you want to be successful in your personal or professional life, and that includes being vibrantly healthy, you have to realise that you cannot make it happen on your own.  The reason for this is because we run out of willpower.  You alone cannot effectively create strategies that will help you reach your maximum potential. You need a proven expert to coach, mentor and consult with so that you achieve your goals in record time.

What is Weight Loss Coaching?

The Life Success Transformation Coaching Program has been proven to be excellent for weight loss and attaining your perfect weight. The coaching program is based upon wellness and the belief that people are creative, resourceful and whole.

You know yourself and have your answers. You, however, need a supportive, dedicated partner to facilitate your process of accessing your inner resources and wisdom. That’s the role I fulfil for you.

I invite you to experience weight loss using a unique approach.

This is a weight loss program that works from the inside to produce the desired external results.

Through a compassionate and supportive process and by building rapport with you, we will as a team explore your emotional relationship with food and discover the repressed longings and limiting beliefs that have kept you locked in a negative cycle of overeating.

We will assist you by changing your mind-set as it pertains to nutrition, exercise, as well as your  physical and emotional wellness.

How Will I Help You?

Using my Life Success Transformation Coaching Techniques I will extract deep-rooted information, introduce learnings and visualisation techniques as well as other coaching disciplines to get to the core of your ingrained belief systems. I extract valuable information which will facilitate us to move forward to facilitate that you reach all your desired goals, not only reaching your goal weight. My coaching will TRANSFORM you to move you forward with MOMENTUM. The objective is not only to assist you to reach your ideal weight but to also to facilitate inner change that will produce the person who you were always dreaming of being. The Life Success Transformation Techniques will leave you with boosted levels of self-confidence, unconditional self-respect and you will love the person you have become. The person you have always dreamed of being!!   

Can you imagine a life not worrying about your weight, worrying how fat you look and what other people might think of you?

The Life Success Transformation Coaching Program will take you through a combination of tried and tested therapeutic processes proven to produce the desired outcome – To eliminate your excess weight – FOREVER AND TURN YOU INTO THE PERSON YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!! 

Imagine a future life without the excess weight and health risks due to being overweight and that has been limiting you from performing optimally and living the life you have always dreamed of.

Together we will achieve that !!!!

Benefits Of The Life Success Transformation Weight Loss Coaching Program   

  • Use ways to condition your mind to a new way of thinking
  • Receive nutrition counselling for your specific needs
  • Discover the limiting beliefs that are controlling your life and adopt new empowering beliefs by which to live.
  • Learn how to handle difficult events and eliminate negative emotions and stress
  • Discover new perspectives and ways of operating
  • Reach goals in life that being overweight has prevented you from doing

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