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My ‘previous’ life was characterised by poor handling of life events that led to anxiety and stress. This has been the case as long as I can remember. (I am now 58 years old). This was further aggravated by a low self-esteem (I had a very poor image of myself) and a negative outlook on life. Due to this I started experiencing health problems and decided to seek medical advice. This did however not produce the desired results and I was diagnosed with acute Erythromelalgia, a skin condition that felt as if my skin was on fire. I decided to seek further advice on my condition and was advised to undergo a therapeutic process that introduced ‘new learnings’. I attended the ‘new learnings’ sessions for about a year (until November 2018) without any noticeable results as to the improvement of my medical or emotional state. I consulted a different therapist and she suggested that I had to surrender, as she put it. This was when Juan crossed my path and I discussed my health problem with him. He explained that my condition was due to Negative Energy that accompanied Supressed Negative Emotions and he briefed me as to his Transformation Program and invited me to attend a free session. It was during this free session that I realised I just had to do his Transformation course.
What has transpired and how my outlook on life has changed since entering his program on the 12th December 2018, has just been unbelievable. My life has been transformed in a positive way.

Juan puts in an unbelievable amount of time and energy into his Transformation Coaching sessions. I have been with various therapists and psychologists over the years and have not experienced such dedication and commitment before. Juan has provided me with a new lease on life and equipped me with the tools to further my growth.
I have always been successful in my business ventures. With the tools provided by Juan however, I now KNOW that I will be even more successful due to the new foundation of knowledge he has provided.
It also needs mentioning that both my emotional well-being and spiritual growth has been remarkable due to his Transformation Program.

It is with the greatest of confidence that I recommend Juan’s Transformation Coaching Program to anyone that may feel stuck or wish to attain their highest potential in life!


Before starting the Transformation Coaching Program I was sceptical of what it would entail and whether it would work for the immense pain of rejection and hurt I was experiencing at the time.
When I started the program with Juan I had doubts and did not believe that it would work but I decided to just go with the program.
After the first few sessions the knowledge shared by Juan as to how the program was going to work aroused my interest and as the sessions progressed I wanted to know more and more. I had my doubts as to the effectiveness of some of the sessions such as Negative Emotional Therapy as I did not really believe that it would work in removing the intense trauma and pain that I was experiencing. I however decided to just continue and stick with it.
Juan told me that in order to release my negative emotions and for me to totally get rid of the toxic energy associated with the emotions, he had to take me to the time and place in my life where I first experienced the negative emotion he was working on and which we wanted to release. The whole experience became so real I was able to feel the emotions all over again. I was however able to release the toxic thoughts from my system and replace them with feelings love and with the knowledge that I have a great future ahead of me. Juan has made this program a trip into self-discovery and it has increased my knowledge of self and has left me a much wiser person in such that I am able to implement that what I have learned in order to become the BEST me!

I am grateful for what the Transformation Coaching Program has taught me and I am looking forward to a great future – one which I have already started to experience!


The process that was employed in the Genealogical Emotional Healing Program that I did with Juan, was an unbelievable experience and a “revelation.”  The process led to me experiencing feelings of freedom, bliss and enlightenment. During the process where various negative emotions that have plagued me for years, were addressed and removed at the root of the gestalt in the ancestral timeline many generations ago, was liberating and empowering. After having completed the program with Juan, I am now in a place where I have been transformed to a state of bliss and peace and I am confident that I am able face and successfully manage anything life exposes me to.
I am whole – I am powerful – I am healed!

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