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School/Tertiary Performance Improvement

If your child is under-performing at school,  university or any other institution of learning I am able to assist her/him in order to correct this and enable her/him to perform optimally. Yes, we are able to bring out the genius in your child!! So if you would like your child to reach his/her potential, read on!!

Scientific studies have revealed that fear is the major contributory factor to performance failure at School, University or other institutions of learning.

As a matter of fact, it has become the number one reported obstacle to academic performance. Scientific studies have revealed that 55% of students claimed their biggest stressor to be academic in nature. Sixty percent of students reported having felt so stressed they couldn’t complete their tasks on one or more occasions and were therefore under-performing in tests and exams.

Many of the emotional and physical symptoms that occur commonly in the student and scholar population – headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and the inability to cope, can be attributed to or aggravated by stress and fear.

The simple truth is when you are fearful you are dumber!

Teachers see this all the time among the students who do not test well.

Exam stress may literally paralyse your child if when he/she is affected by fear! Teachers describe how the students, with hands trembling due to anxiety and fear, literally jot down incorrect answer after answer, because they are due to their fear-based panic not able to access the stored information that they have studied and accumulated throughout the semester in preparation for the exams.

It has been shown that after undergoing our Transformation Coaching Therapies, tertiary and work performance may increase your child’s performance results by up to 40%.

So whether you are a concerned parent or a student suffering from stress-related academic under-performance, I am am able to assist you to eliminate the emotions that lead to stress that is the cause of your or your child’s under-performance.

With the tried and proven Life Success Transformation Coaching Program, I will assist you or your child to let go of the fear-based emotions that lead to under-performance and turn you (your child) into the genius you/they are meant to be!

You deserve to perform optimally – Together we will achieve that for you!! To learn more contact us for a free no obligation consultation by clicking the button below.

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