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Neuroplasticity – Re-wiring your brain

Re-wiring your brain

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Step 1: Awareness

Checking your thoughts and sifting the internal (local) and external information that enters your mind via your senses is an important aspect of changing your brain structure (plasticity) in order to increase your awareness. It is important that you eliminate all negative thoughts and emotions as well as delete negative external information (spending time and communicating with negative people, reading the daily paper and watching the TV news for example.) You have to capture and eliminate all negative information as negativity not only lowers your consciousness, it detoxifies your brain.

Origin of brain information.

Brain information originates from two sources:

1) The external environment and it enters your brain via our five senses [Visual    (eyes), auditory (ears), kinaesthetic (touch/feel), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste)] as well as electromagnetic signals and information from the quantum field.

2) Deep-seated internal emotions embedded in the non-conscious region of your mind (memory centre).

Your thoughts are linked to your emotions and when the information that you perceive via your senses or in the deep-seated non-conscious part of your mind is negative in nature, it will automatically create a negative emotion that will surface in the conscious part of your mind and this will impact negatively on your level of consciousness and influences how you act and what you do or say. If your thoughts are negative, your attitude towards life becomes negative, your reactions become negative and this leads to stress which in turn leads to harmful neurotransmitters being secreted, which, if experienced for extended periods of time, may lead to terminal disease (such as certain types of cancer for example).
If however your thoughts and attitude are positive in nature, your brain secretes “feel good” neurotransmitters (chemicals) and the associated feelings are that of love and peace.

Living a life based upon fear turn your thought patterns toxic. So it then stands to reason that you should not allow toxic thoughts to enter your mind. This is however easier said than done in the society we live in as we are subjected and bombarded with negativity on a daily basis, be it at work, through the news media, nature and society as a whole for example.

The proper thing to do would, therefore, be to determine whether a thought is negative or positive the moment such a thought enters your mind through your senses and then immediately eliminate the bad or negative ones, as these negative thoughts impact how we function both physically as well as psychologically. Should you not let go of negative thoughts they become embedded in your mind and can quite literally take over your mind. They then become like “demons” in your head.

That which enters your mind through your senses impact directly upon your emotions and not checking and eliminating negative fearful thoughts leads to toxicity in your neurology resulting in disease in the long run. It has been shown that patients diagnosed with cancer were subjected to a major stressful event 2-3 years prior to being diagnosed with cancer.

The Different Stages of Stress

Stage 1 – Beneficial Stress

Not all stressors are bad for you, however. The fight or flight stressor, that reaction you experience when you are in fear of your life or that of a loved one is considered a good stressor. These stressors are however normally short-lived and any chemical imbalance is corrected by a negative feedback loop by your neurology and physiology and once the danger has passed and things return to normal, the harmful chemicals secreted during the fight or flight stage are neutralised and eliminated by your body.

Stage 2 – The Enemy

Modern-day lifestyles have caused that bad stressors have become the order of the day. Stress seems to be the word on everyone’s lips and the phenomenon has most probably become one of the most common words used on a daily basis. If you doubt this just ask your GP. This is in no small part due to the fact that society is constantly trying to make ends meet. Complicating matters even further is the fact that you are bombarded with negativity and fearful news on a daily basis. Just browsing the front page of the daily newspaper or watching the TV news will bear witness to this fact. Experiencing fear-based stressful thoughts on a regular basis creates toxins in your body and this is exponential to the number of negative thoughts and negative emotions you experience on a daily basis. These thoughts are initially primarily triggered by thoughts that are induced via the outside world and lead to fear-based emotions being experienced. Constantly thinking negative thoughts and experiencing negative emotions lead to a change in brain neurology and once this has occurred you no longer require external triggers to activate these emotions as they become embedded in your neurology and thus start to run as if on autopilot and become the major cause of physical and psychological disease and may lead to certain types of cancers. It has been proven that most diseases have been linked to chronic stress.

Fear and your Physiology

Scientific studies have revealed that the emotion fears trigger in excess of 400 physical and chemical responses within the body and leads to the secretion of 30 different hormones and neurotransmitters. Some of these are extremely harmful to the body and if go unchecked may lead to terminal illnesses such as for example cancer. Once this happens you are on your way to Stage 3 stress which is referred to as the death cycle.


The good news

  • You have control over how information affects you!
    The point at which information enters your mind is still in a temporary state. It has not embedded itself into your memory and you have the ability to choose to either reject it or allow it to enter and embed itself in your mind and influence who you are. You thus become that which your dominant thoughts are. Remember that you may not always be able to control your circumstances but you have been blessed with the ability to choose how to react to these circumstances and that what you face. You have a choice not to allow toxic thoughts to enter your mind. Simply ask yourself the question: “Is this information beneficial to me?” and if not, simply state: ”delete, delete, delete”.
    The question that however remains is: “How do you eliminate all the negative information that has embedded itself in your deep-seated consciousness (sub-conscious) mind?”. There is good news in this regard as well. You can employ the services of a Life Transformation Coach who have been trained to “re-wire” your brain and undo and eliminate the toxic negative information that has been embedded (“glued”) in your deep-seated subconscious mind. A word of warning in this regard however is, should you decide to make use of the services of such a person, (and it is highly recommended that you if you are serious about your physical and psychological health and in preventing and eliminating psychosomatic diseases thereby improving your life and relationships), to ensure that the coach you employ is internationally accredited to perform the therapeutic processes. If in doubt check the coach’s credentials.
  • Meditation and Focused Introspection

2.1) Meditation

Scientific studies have shown that practising meditation on a daily basis has health and stress relieving benefits. It has been shown that regular meditation increases brain plasticity and changes brain structure in as short a period as eight weeks. Your life coach is able to introduce you to the discipline of meditation.

2.2) Introspection

It has been shown that focused deep disciplined positive thinking, awareness of your body and regulating your emotions bring about positive changes in your brain thereby changing your neural pathways and increasing brain plasticity that facilitate increased consciousness, happiness, vital health, peace and unconditional love.
When you apply these two disciplines you facilitate a process that brings about fantastic positive changes to your brain structure. These changes allow you to change your thought patterns from negative into a more positive state and this change influences your body’s whole neurology. Every cell in your body is affected by this in a positive way. The change is quite brilliant and the result is a raised level of consciousness. This raised consciousness has an effect on those you come into contact with and you influence them via electromagnetic and quantum forces.  Your brain changes from a negative state of “I cannot” to “I can”.
When this happens you live on the cause side of life instead of the effect side. You literally are able to create your own destiny.

  • Writing down your thoughts and intentions.

How you feel and what you experience comes from what you focus your attention on and it determines how you behave. You have to take control of your emotions and what you picture in your mind and what you are saying to yourself. When you are able to control these you are able to control how you feel and act.
Remember: “What you constantly focus on is what you will attract
Writing down your thoughts provides you of visual evidence of what you were thinking at any point time and this provides you with clarity of the direction of your thought patterns. It gives you the ability to scrutinize your thoughts and shows you where you need to change thoughts that are toxic. So keep a daily thought diary in your own handwriting (not typed). This may be in the form of mind-maps, graphics, or hand-drawn pictures.

Make and write down short term (daily), medium-term (weekly), medium long term (monthly) long term (annual) and life’s vision intentions and post them where you readily have access to them (in your purse or wallet) and read them to yourself on a regular basis.  When you regularly view your written thoughts you are able to detox your thought life. Regularly reading your positive intentions instill positive feelings and you pick up the skills you want to own. These newly acquired skills become embedded in your thought patterns and you will automatically practice use them in order to create a meaningful life where your world is filled with opportunities, abundance, love, wisdom, whatever you may choose.

  • Backtracking

In order to increase the effectiveness of your written emotions and affirmations, you have to revisit them daily. It reveals your progress on the road of consciousness and how you have moved forward in the process of attaining wisdom. It reveals how you have advanced and how you have stimulated neuroplasticity and created new neural pathways. It will show you how your brain has, through its increased plasticity and the creation of new neural pathways, been stimulated into a highly active dynamic state for positive change. A state where the brain is able to further re-wire itself, where the brain and your neurology is able to write in the changes you want and that you have indicated in your intentions and affirmations. In this state, you are literally able to write into your brain the life your dreams.
When you backtrack and read what you have written down and have set and visualised your intentions, you are able to create the life that you want. Read, visualise and emotionally feel the outcome of that what you seek in your life as if you have already attained it on a daily basis without any attachment to it, then, when the time is ripe,  the universe will present it to you.

When you revisit what you have written you are afforded the opportunity to rethink the information and how beneficial or toxic it was. By becoming aware of your thought patterns and you are able to re-code them and change your neural pathways. This frees you from internal conflicts and equips you to find positive solutions to problems. You are able to take control of your actions.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot, you are right
Henry Ford


In order for the newly acquired positive thought patterns to imprint itself into your brain and in order to integrate, you need to exercise it on a daily basis by re-reading and contemplating on your written affirmations and intentions until they become habitual. The objective of these exercises is not only to “program” your brain with the thought patterns that benefit you, it further serves to undo and eliminate the toxic thoughts and “programs” running in your mind. You achieve this by regularly re-reading the thoughts and intentions that you have written down during the course of the day and then reflecting upon them. This works on the principle of the more you practice the better you become at executing that what you practice. In the process, you rid the brain of the toxicity that has been accumulated and embedded itself in it.
Bear in mind that your deep-seated unconsciousness have since birth been imprinted with information by your parents, peers, school, the church and those that you have come into contact with. Some of the information may be negative in nature whilst other embedded “programs” may no longer serve you or are due to societal changes over time no longer suitable if you desire to live up to your potential and become the person and have the life that you have always dreamed about.

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