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emotional therapy

emotional therapy

Negative Emotional Therapy TM

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You feel as if your constant negative thoughts are driving you crazy and you so badly desire that you could change this! You have tried everything but nothing seems to help. Medication makes you feel like a zombie! Life no longer seems worth living!

You badly want to be happy, confident, successful, loving and loved. The person that you have always dreamed of being and deep down know that you can be, but instead you are emotionally drained and depressed more days than not. Life seems to always hand you the short stick. Despite your best efforts you remain plagued with negative and fearful thoughts and you desperately desire to be rescued from this dark lonely place that makes you feel hopeless.

emotional depression
I can help you!

I am a trained and qualified Master’s Practitioner in Negative Emotional Therapy and are able to help you release and let go of the suppressed negative emotions that are the cause of your discomfort and affects you both physically and psychologically. I am able to transform your life and help you become the person that you desire to be!
Whole, Happy, Healthy and Successful!

This is how Negative Emotional Therapy works
emotional depression

Negative Emotional Therapy ™ is a process/technique developed by Burke Esterhuyse

I use this therapeutic intervention to release the unprocessed negative emotions that you have accumulated over your lifetime.
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Depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders are caused by negative emotions such as anger, shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, and guilt.  that have been stored in your neural network.
Negative Emotional Therapy ™ is an effective intervention that I use to release repressed negative emotions that have been accumulated in your neurology over your lifetime.

Studies have shown that from the time the first clusters of cells start to form in the mother’s womb (conception), the fetus starts to experience emotions. Although the fetus may not necessarily experience its own emotions, it does sense the mother’s emotions and accept them as if it is it’s own. This occurs when the mother experiences highly charged emotional events or maybe rejected the child during pregnancy due to an unwanted pregnancy. If such was the case you may be affected by negative emotions without you even being aware of it.

Negative Emotional Therapy ™ is a highly successful therapeutic intervention that I use to eliminate all unprocessed negative emotions that cause psychological and physical discomfort that lead to conditions such as depression for example.  With this technique, all the unprocessed negative emotions that you have acquired and stored over your lifetime can be deleted, and, unlike other traditional methods is achieved in a very short time. Once these repressed negative emotions are released it brings about a positive change in your attitude towards life and provides you with the ability to become the person you have always desired to be. This then sets you up with newfound willpower and drive to become the person desire to be. Yes, all that which you desire for yourself – the super successful, confident, loved and vibrantly healthy person that you have always dreamed of being.

What makes Negative Emotional Therapy ™ so unique?
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In contrast to the traditional psychological or psycho-therapeutic methods that normally take months or even years to eliminate the negative emotions that plague individuals, this process takes only about six hours, depending on the individual.
After doing Negative Emotional Therapy,™ you will no longer be constrained by emotions such as anger, shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, guilt that have been repressed in your sub-conscious due to the events that impacted negatively upon your psyche. The memories of the events will still be intact, but they will be balanced and without any negative emotional charge left on them.

The process is very powerful, and after having completed the program you will be able to be in total control of your emotional states at all times and be able to function optimally at all times.

Remember that your emotional state determines the results that you get in life. So to change your results, you need to get in control of your emotional state.

Negative emotion is an energy that, even in its minutest form, is stored in your neural network. All negative emotions are connected to specific significant events that happened in your past.

To explain how unprocessed negative emotions are formed in a person’s neural network the following will serve as an example:

Let’s take the emotion of anger for example. The first time that you experienced anger, let us say you were one year old, someone took something from you and this angered you. This event was then the first incident where you experienced (felt) anger and this resulted that your subconscious mind also experienced the emotion of anger for the first time. The subconscious then stored this emotion of anger in your neural network. Every time you experienced anger after this first event your subconscious mind links it to that first event, similar to a cascading chain-effect. After 3-4 links have been formed, what we refer to as an emotional “Gestalt,” is formed.

The more events of anger that you experience during your lifetime, the stronger and more unmanageable this Gestalt chain becomes and the energy that is used to suppress the negative emotions’ impact of upon your physical and psychological health. When this happens your life spins more and more out of control and it becomes progressively more debilitating every time the emotion is triggered. (It has been shown that as you age without releasing and letting go of the emotions that affect your life and neurology negatively, the more severe the outbursts that you experience become and the less control you will have over these debilitating negative emotions. It has scientifically been proven that constantly being triggered by negative emotions secrete neurotransmitters that become is harmful to the body if present for extended periods of time, lead to psychosomatic conditions such as different types of myalgias, multiple sclerosis and certain cancers. es. I have used anger to illustrate to you how gestalt chains are formed, but this example is also relevant in all of the other negative emotions that we have stored – shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, guilt etc.

How Do I Release Your Negative Emotions?
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What Negative Emotional Therapy ™ does is to determine the location of the first event where you experienced the specific negative emotion and I then empower you to deal with the emotion by extracting information that serves you to lead a healthy and happy life going forward.

Once I have completed the process, your subconscious mind will be equipped to release and let go of the emotional charge linked to the first as well as all subsequent events. Releasing and Letting go of the emotional charge on the first event where you experienced the specific emotion, (the first event was the root cause for the Gestalt chain to form), facilitates the collapse of the whole chain of emotional charges that are linked to it! This is what makes this technique so unique!

The whole Gestalt (emotional chain) collapses and the emotions are released from your neural network. During the program, I repeat this process with each negative emotion that I identify and that is embedded in your subconscious mind. I do this one at a time until I am convinced that all your unprocessed negative emotions have been released.

You will then no longer be influenced and affected by the negative charges linked to the released negative emotions connected to events that occurred in your past – The negative emotions that you have consciously or unconsciously been plagued by and restricting you from reaching your highest potential and living a life of abundance in all respects.

After having completed our Transformation Coaching you will:

  • Have completely let go of your negative emotional states and the negative energy that accompany the negative emotions that have been troubling you – the emotions such as anxiety, guilt, fear, anger, doubt, shame etc.
  • Be free of limiting beliefs and conditioned thought patterns and you will find that they have been replaced with new positive and empowering beliefs.
  • Have boosted levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Have allowed unconditional love back into your life.
  • Have changed your negative self-talk to self-love.
  • Have enhanced level of self-image and self-worth.

I will equip you with the tools that will empower you to finally take control of your emotions instead of them controlling you and your life. Negative emotional states will no longer plague you.|
emotional depression

After you have completed the Life Success Life Transformation Program you will be able to live the life you have always aspired to.

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