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Juan is a Neuroscientist, Psychological Counselor, Life Transformation Coach, Timeline Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Emotional Trauma Therapy Specialist, Researcher, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, Lecturer and Philanthropist. He has an inexhaustible passion for fellow man and his contribution to humanity is unique in that it is derived from an Advanced State of Spiritual Awareness referred to as: ” Enlightenment, Self–Realisation, Samadhi, “Unio Mystica,” depending on cultural interpretation.

He has unsurpassed and unwavering respect and trust for the passion, adaptability and resolute belief in Self and the Creator that have both consciously and subconsciously motivated mankind over millennia. His passion for life and belief in the ability of individuals to rise above the mundane is evident when he speaks of the rainbow nation of South Africa, in whose talents he has a resolute belief. The energy and unwavering confidence and trust he emits when addressing audiences convey his firm belief that, once equipped with the appropriate knowledge, guidance and tools for the discovery of the Self, our planet’s peoples will be able to reverse the hate and destruction that has undermined our true destiny since Genesis, is magnetic. What is most moving, is Juan’s humility. When patients, clients, students or audiences comment on his abilities and achievements, he shies away from the compliments and downplays them by praising his Creator for his skills, which he regards as a  privilege that he is obliged to use to raise mankind’s levels of awareness.

Juan is honoured as a Spiritual Beacon and teacher of advanced states of consciousness. Juan lectures at Spiritual and Enlightenment venues, workshops and has a keen passion to help those seeking resolutions to painful social and individual experiences from their past that limit them from attaining their goals and reaching their ultimate potential.

His research studies include fields such as the role of the human mind, emotional well being, noninvasive therapies for somatic disorders, cancer, overall health,  spirituality, consciousness and the effects of meditation on the well-being of the individual.

He is regarded as a specialist in releasing repressed trauma and addressing and removing the underlying causes of somatic disorders and cancer. Juan’s passion for the well being of fellow humans drove him to enter the field of health and wellness to alleviate distress and pain, and his work as a Psychological Counsellor, Life Transformation Coach and Researcher in the Field of Human Consciousness is pioneering in this regard.

As Director of Connecting the Dots Research Institute®  The Eheye Foundation ® and the Renew Health and Wellness Centres. ®  He has authored various groundbreaking articles on Transpersonal Psychology, Human Consciousness, Somatic Disorders, Timeline Trauma Therapy and Binaural Brain Entrainment. Juan’s trademarks are his pioneering work into the adaptability of the brain and its capacity to employ new neural pathways referred to as Neuroplasticity. His research on the effects that fear, anxiety, stress have on human well-being and the role that repressed negative emotions due to childhood trauma play in addictions and the development of somatic disorders I unique. His research and practical evidence have revealed that the symptoms of somatic disorders disappear once the underlying cause has been removed. This has proven true in all the patients he has treated for somatic disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Erythromelalgya, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis etc.

Juan is widely respected for his research on raising the levels of human consciousness and its impact on the spiritual, physical and psychological well-being of the individual and society as a whole. In his research studies on human consciousness, Juan expands on his mentor, Dr David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness ©,” delineated in his scientifically validated doctoral dissertation and taken up in book form published under the title Power versus Force (1995).

This study explains the “Map of Consciousness©” and incorporates findings from quantum physics and nonlinear dynamics, confirming the classical “stages” of Spiritual Evolution found in the world’s sacred literature as actual “attractor fields.” These spiritual levels have been delineated by saints, sages, and mystics like Jesus and the Buddha, yet has failed to establish a scientific framework to understand and prove this inner realm, until recently. The “Map of Consciousness©” indicated by Dr David Hawkins combined with biofeedback technology has proven to be a sophisticated tool in determining levels of consciousness and proving the truth of statements. In his research studies and books, Juan expands upon Dr Hawkins’ findings related to levels of consciousness (attractor fields), in a language that is free from dogma and that can be used as a guide to all those interested in this field of study and is desirous to raise their level of consciousness.

Juan is the author of the “Connecting the Dots” series of publications on different topics. His teachings on non-duality emphasize the core truths of the world’s great spiritual traditions, that kindness and compassion to everything and everyone (including oneself), humility, forgiveness, reverence for all of life, and surrendering  to God present a portal to Enlightenment that clear the way to new levels of consciousness where the following quote becomes the beacon and accelerator:

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become,”


Juan’s accomplishments include:

  • Speaking Engagements elucidating his Consciousness Research findings.
  • The development of a curriculum for the training students to qualify themselves as Life Coaches.
  • Pioneering research in the field of Neuroplasticity and Binaural Brain Entrainment, validating its efficacy in reversing Somatic Disorders, Brain Trauma (Strokes, Accidents etc.) addictions and brain damage caused by Electro Convulsive Therapy. (ECT)
  • Extensive research into the therapeutic value of the intervention, Timeline Trauma Therapy®, with a specific focus on its efficacy in releasing the toxic energy linked to repressed trauma that triggers somatic disorders and cancer.
  • Elucidating the consequences of operating in states of stress, anxiety, and fear and the role that these states play in somatic disorders, suppression of the immune system and viral infections. Psycho-somatic disorders have been increasing exponentially in the past few years and play a significant role in the development of disorders like cancer, lupus, myalgia, multiple sclerosis etc. that affect millions of people.
  • The role of repressed childhood trauma in addictions like alcoholism, drug misuse, gambling, pornography, obesity etc.
  • Juan research studies indicate that conventional medical interventions are only partly effective in treating the effects of somatic disorders and altogether fail to address and eliminate the underlying cause, which is linked to repressed trauma sustained during earlier life.
  • Juan presents workshops, seminars, one on one therapy and programs that provide information and tools on how to identify, address and release the negative energy linked to repressed trauma and how to cope without having to resort to interventions such as pharmaceutical drugs, surgery or invasive forms of psychiatric treatment.
  • He continuously presents updated information in the form of turnkey programs and interventions dedicated to the healing and recovery of the human organism.
  • He administrates websites and Facebook pages where he posts and updates articles on the findings of both his and esteemed colleagues’ latest research findings on a variety of topics related to human consciousness and health.
  • As a spiritual guide, Juan infuses the truths found in the precepts of Western religion with the core of Eastern and Traditional Philosophies, bridging the familiar materialistic physical world with the nonlinear spiritual domain.
  • His research studies offer novel information on Human Consciousness, Emotional Stability and its spin-offs on well-being.
  • His outcomes and extrapolations, when fully understood and implemented, make it possible for the individual to elevate his/her level of consciousness, to transcend the mundane and to enter into a gateway that open portals where connection to Universal Consciousness, a connection to Ultimate Reality, becomes possible.
  • Juan has a rare talent to instill an unequalled awareness that equips his patients, clients, students and audiences with the knowledge and tools to identify and mitigate the illusory nature of the ego and transcend its trappings that prevent mankind from attaining higher states of consciousness.
  • He is the author of books under the heading “Connecting the Dots” that are condensed, easy to read pocket editions on the workings of the human mind and that are reliable companions on the spiritual aspirant’s quest toward raising their Level of Consciousness, Elucidate Truths and provide keys to access Ultimate Reality.


  • Free State University, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 1974.
    • International Correspondence Schools, 1978.
    • The University of South Africa, 2010.
    • The Transformation Academy, 2017.
    • The Centre of Excellence, 2019.
    • Instituto Cultural Quetzalcóatl 2020.
    • University of South Africa – Neuroscience (Current)

The University of South Africa

Study Modules

  • Language & Communication Skills, African Language (Isi-Xhosa)
    • * Anthropology in a Diverse World – Multi-Cultural Context
    •   Ethics and Life
    • * Marriage Guidance & Couples Counselling
    • * Critical Reasoning
    • * Psychology
    •   Psychology in Society
    • * Mysticism
    • * Meditation
    • * English for Academic Purpose
    • * Engaging with Society
    • * Human Rights, Values & Social Interaction
    • * Western Philosophy
    • * African Philosophy I
    • * African Philosophy II
    • * Philosophy of Science
    • * HIV/AIDS Care & Counselling
    • * Statistics – Research in Social Sciences
    • * Adulthood and Maturity
    • * Theoretical & Applied Ethics
    • * Advanced Western Philosophy
    •    Political Philosophy
    •    Social Psychology
    • * Abnormal Behaviour
    • * Mental Health
    •   Statistics II – Psychological Research
    • * Cognition: Thinking, Memory and Consciousness
    •   Transformation Counselling
    • * Advanced African Philosophy
    • * Modern Western Philosophy
    • * Personality Theories
    • * Understanding Contemporary Religions
    • * Understanding Traditional Religions
    • * Psychological Assessment
    •    Eco-Systemic Psychology
    • * Therapeutic Psychology
    •    Statistics III – Research Methodology
    •    Community and Health Psychology
    • * Developmental Psychology
    •    Psychopathology
    • * Research Dissertation – Finding Meaning In Retirement
    •    Astronomy
    • * Existential Psychology (Logotherapy)The Transformation Academy – Pretoria, South Africa.
  • * Life Coach
    • * Timeline Trauma Therapy Practitioner
    • * Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
    • * Transformation Coach
    • * Masters – Transformation Coaching

Centre of Excellence for Transformative Education, Canada.

  • * Transpersonal Psychology
    • * Masters Hypnotherapy

Instituto Cultural Quetzalcóatl – Peru

  • * Spiritual (Gnostic) PsychologyResearch Articles

Biomechanics/Kinesiology Explained (2019)
Brain Hemisphere Synchronization (2019)
Consciousness in the Universe (2014)
Destructive Emotions and Limiting Beliefs (2019)
Employing Neuroplasticity to Re-wire the Brain (2019)
Finding Meaning in Retirement (2017)
Handling Trauma and Emotional Crises (2019)
Healing the Past (2019)
How supplementing with CoQ10 Ubiquinol can improve mental-, brain- and physical health (2018)
How The LifeSuccess Transformation Brain Integration Program® Changes Life Quality (2019)
Keys to manifesting your desires (2019)
Love Language Explained (2020)
Neuroplasticity (Plasticity of the brain) Explained (2018)
Psychological Aspects of Transformation (2019)
Relationship Guidance – Couples Counselling (2020)
Repressed Trauma – The Shadow Within (2020)
Stages of Awakening Human Consciousness (2020)
The Cholesterol Myth (2020)
Trauma Is Not Your Fault, But Healing Is Your Responsibility (2020)
Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology (2020)


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