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Healing the Past

In looking back at our lives, we discover that we all carry residuals of past life issues that have not been resolved. The flashbacks of such events are coloured with our ingrained perceptions and attitudes. If however viewed carefully and objectively, we realise that we have been disabled in important areas of our lives due to not having let go of them. We come to realise that we have failed to live up to our highest potential. When we experience such moments of raised awareness, it is wise to ask ourselves if it is really worth paying the price by living a limited life due to our inability to release and let go of the negative energy harboured in the sub-conscious.

Modern-day science has provided us with the therapeutic mechanisms by which to handle these residuals of past crises, they can be uncovered and let go of so that healing can take place. Once a traumatic event has been surpassed, the client is able to place the event in a totally different context. She/he is afforded the ability to view the event from a shifted perspective and hold it in a paradigm of altered importance and meaning.

Most people spend their lives regretting the past and fearing the future, thereby preventing them from experiencing the joy to be found in the present. They regard their life conditions as their fate and that they have to put up with the hand dealt. They regard their life as out of their control. They view their lives as being subject to cause and effect.

The therapeutic processes Negative Emotional Therapy and Silent Technique have been proven to be highly effective tools to employ in order to view the past in a different light by creating an altered more meaningful context. The client is enabled to take on a shifted view and attitude to the past difficulty or trauma, affording them the ability to acknowledge the hidden gift within the event. They are thereby equipped to re-evaluate and shift their view of, and attitude towards the event from negative to a positive paradigm.

Every life experience, no matter how tragic, contains a hidden lesson. When we discover and acknowledge the gift that is concealed within the event, healing can take place. The person in our case in point of a failed relationship leading to a traumatic separation, will after undergoing the mentioned therapeutic interventions, and once integration has taken place, be able to look back and realise that the relationship was stunting and preventing him/her from becoming that which he/she was ultimately destined to be.

Prior to this paradigm shift, it is as if the client’s view of his/her circumstances was through tinted “spectacles” preventing an objective view of the relationship. Once the client is aided to “remove” these “spectacles”, the event can be viewed in a different light and the person is afforded the ability to see the costs that they have been paying – physically, mentally and emotionally due to the relationship. This altered perspective opens avenues to new abilities, talents and opportunities.

Traumatic life events may, therefore, be regarded as opportunities for personal growth, to expand, to experience the new and to develop into the individuals we were created to be. We come to realise that there seems, in retrospect, to have been a hidden purpose behind the event, as though our unconscious connectedness to universal consciousness, was the purpose behind what occurred all along. It is as though the subconscious new that there was something important to be learned from and created by the event, and painful as it was or is, it had to be brought into the experience.

There is within the human sub-conscious an inborn drive towards wholeness, completeness and the realisation of Self.

The main aim of our sub-conscious mind is the facilitation of expansion of the individual, and will always devise avenues of bringing this about irrespective of how traumatic it may be for the individual.

How we handle traumatic life events is thus important if we are to live meaningful lives.

We have to adapt in order to rise to our ultimate quest to be!


© Juan Esterhuizen – Connecting The Dots Research Centre


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