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Handling Trauma and Emotional Crises

Traumatic events remain problematic for most individuals due to the fact that the negative emotions associated with such events, are normally suppressed.  The emotions associated with personal crises are accompanied by vast amounts of negative energy which is very toxic in nature and literally poisons the person’s body and neurology. If this toxic negative energy is not eliminated, it will inevitably lead to psychological instability, psychosomatic illness and chronic disease. Scientific studies have shown that people who experienced events that were very traumatic in nature and who was not able to eliminate the harmful toxins from their system, were diagnosed with a chronic disease within two years after having being subjected to such an event.
The Therapeutic interventions Negative Emotional TherapyTM and the Silent Technique was developed to remove negative energy that accompanies the emotions associated with traumatic events. The negative energy associated with the emotions that accompany a traumatic event is released from the system, preventing the client’s neurology from being inflicted with toxicity. These therapeutic interventions facilitate that the negative emotions are disassembled and let go of in bits and pieces. The objective is to allow the major negative emotions that accompany a traumatic event, emotions such as doubt, pain, fear, rejection, guilt, sadness, anger etc. to surface and to be released moment by moment, thereby reducing its intensity. This enables the client to let go of the aspects accompanying the traumatic event.
To illustrate my point, let us take, for example, a person who is going through a separation such as a divorce or a breakup, leaving one of the partners in a state of overwhelming despair. The therapist, using the therapeutic processes enables the client to release and let go of emotions associated with and attached to the event by chipping away at the emotion until it is released and can safely be let go of. Failing this the person subjected to an event that led to the trauma will take years, if ever, to recover and the immense price that will inevitably be paid is the deterioration of his/her mental and physical health due to the intoxication of the neurology.
The therapeutic processes mentioned facilitates the handling of life crises successfully. The amounts of repressed and suppressed emotions are reduced drastically. The negative emotions stored in the sub-conscious is forced up and let go of and in doing these greater feelings of self- esteem and confidence are generated leading to an awareness that one can survive and handle whatever challenges life may bring. Feelings of fear are replaced by feelings of mastery, leading to greater compassion for the suffering of others. The therapeutic processes leave the client with periods where they are able to experience moments of profound peace and calmness.
Exposure to traumatic life experiences, often referred to as “the dark night of the soul”, if managed and dealt with appropriately, is frequently followed by states of heightened awareness and elevated states of consciousness. When the client is assisted to face and overcome this “dark night of the soul”, it is superseded by a profound sense of serenity, peace, oneness and immunity from fear. Many such persons may go on to develop extraordinary abilities they never knew existed within. They become healers – develop elevated states of the awareness and raised levels of consciousness and spiritual illumination which may lead to enlightenment. They experience major leaps in growth and there may be a sudden appearance of new talents and capacities. Every life crisis, therefore, carries within it the seeds of reversal, renewal, personal expansion, leaps in consciousness and the ability to let go of the old and a birth of the new.

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