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 Fear Stress Depression Disease

Fear -> Stress -> Depression -> Disease

If you suffer from fear, stress, negativity or depression, I can help you to eliminate all the stressors that influence your life negatively and that may already have (or will ultimately) lead to disease.  The therapeutic processes I use have been proven to help my clients to get rid of those emotions that lead to stress and disease.

What is this thing called depression?

If you live your life based upon fear it turns your thought patterns toxic. It then stands to reason that you should free yourself of your fear-based emotions and not allow toxic thoughts to enter your thoughts. This is however easier said than done in our modern society as we are subjected and bombarded with negativity daily, be it at work, through the news media or our social interactions.

The proper thing to do would be to determine whether a thought is negative or positive the moment such a thought enters your mind through your senses and immediately eliminate the bad or negative ones, as these negative thoughts impact how you function both physically as well as psychologically.

Should you not let go of your negative thoughts and emotions they become embedded in your mind and can quite literally take over your mind. They become “demons” in your head.

That which enters your mind through your senses impact directly upon your emotions and not checking and eliminating negative fearful thoughts leads to toxicity in your neurology. This is due to harmful neurotransmitters and chemicals that are secreted in your body and if these harmful chemicals are secreted regularly, it will eventually result in disease which may become terminal in the long run. It has been shown that most patients diagnosed with cancer were subjected to a major stressful or severe negative emotional event 2-3 years before being diagnosed with cancer. So it is therefore important that you manage your negative emotions and negative and fearful thoughts.
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The Different Stages of Stress
Fear Stress Depression Disease

Stage 1 – Beneficial Stress

Not all stressors are however bad. The fight or flight stressor, that reaction you experience when you are in fear of your or a loved one’s life is considered a good stressor. These stressors are however normally short-lived and any chemical imbalance is corrected by a negative feedback loop by your neurology and physiology once the danger has passed and things return to normal and the harmful chemicals secreted during the fight or flight stage are neutralised and eliminated by your body.

Stage 2 – The Enemy

Modern-day lifestyles have led to the incidence of bad stressors becoming at the order of the day. Stress seems to be the word on everyone’s lips and has most probably become one of the most common words used daily. If you are in doubt about this, just ask your GP.

This is in no small part since society is constantly trying to make ends meet. Complicating matters even further is the fact that you are being bombarded with negativity and fearful news daily. Just browsing the front page of the daily newspaper or watching the TV news bears witness to this fact.

Experiencing fear-based stressful thoughts and negative emotions regularly creates toxins in your neurology and this is exponential to the number of negative thoughts you have and negative emotions you experience daily. These thoughts are initially primarily triggered with thoughts that are induced by the outside world and lead to fear-based emotions being experienced.

Constantly experiencing negative thoughts and emotions leads to a change in your brain and body’s neurology and once this has occurred you no longer require external triggers to activate these emotions as they become embedded in your neurology and start to run as if on autopilot and become the major cause of physical and psychological disease that may lead to terminal diseases such as cancer. It has been proven that almost every major illness that people acquire has been linked to chronic stress fueled by negative emotions. 

Fear and your Physiology

Scientific studies have revealed that the emotion FEAR triggers over 400 physical and chemical responses within the body and leads to the secretion of 30 different hormones and neurotransmitters. Some of these are extremely harmful to the body and if go unchecked may lead to terminal illness such as cancer. Once this happens you are on your way to Stage 3 stress which is referred to as the death cycle.


How I Can Help You??
Fear Stress Depression Disease

With proven Transformation Coaching Therapies I will eliminate your fear-based emotions as well as enable you to manage stressful situations that would previously have triggered your fear-based responses.

I will also activate in you the ability to determine what information is useful to absorb and what to reject. I thus assist you to Release and Let Go of the negative emotions and negative charges that accompany fearful and negative situations that trigger Stress, Depression and Disease (Dis-ease).  I can empower you to create a fuller and satisfying life with the bonus of preventing physiological and psychological discomfort as well as other psychosomatic diseases which may be or become life-threatening.
In short, I will equip you with the tools that will facilitate you to live a healthy, happy and successful life. Should you want to learn more about my Transformation Program, please take the opportunity to contact me for a free consultation by clicking on the button below. Remember I conform to a strict code of ethics and your identity and everything we discuss is regarded as strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone!
Fear Stress Depression Disease

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