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Business Performance Enhancement

If you wish to empower your staff to increase sales, exceed targets, increase revenue and raise customer satisfaction and retention,  we can assist you!!!  

LifeSuccess Transformative Business Coaching® provides guidance, feedback and support to individuals or groups within small, medium and corporate sized organisations that improve performance, exceed targets and increased revenue.

We assist businesses to facilitate growth and raise their profits by transforming the way their staff and management view themselves, their work performance, and personal life. Our focus is on the improvement of overall performance through the process of transforming your staff, not only in areas where they show sub-standard business-related results but also in their personal lives and their relationships with significant others.

Our focus is also on improving the effectiveness of specific individuals in key leadership positions such as in CEO, Dealer Principle or Managerial positions by combining and integrating a variety of our proven performance-enhancing TRANSFORMATION COACHING strategies.

Our techniques enhance overall performance that is paramount to achieving your desired business visions. Our coaching differs from regular business training in that it focuses on improving the life and effectiveness of the individual rather than on the creation and development of the basic foundation of business knowledge and skills and attitudes required in specific areas of work expertise.

Our Transformation Coaching will assist you and your staff, to build on the basic knowledge and skills that may already be in place, by providing them with a new outlook to life, their work, how their minds function, as well as feedback and support, to elevate their individual performance to higher levels resulting in enhanced overall organisational productivity.

At LifeSuccess Coaching®, we commence by consulting with you to identify and define undesired negative traits that may be restraining your staff from attaining their optimum performance levels by failing to explore and mine all revenue potentials.

A key feature of our coaching initiatives is that they are designed, to not be one-time learning events, but rather, include elements that make our programs self-sustaining, thereby generating continual self-improvement of the individual resulting in incremental performance improvement. This relates to increased customer satisfaction levels and larger profits for your company.

A major advantage in our approach to coaching is that we integrate performance with individual needs and desires so that the result provides increased personal growth and development of your staff as well as increased productivity and profits for your organisation.  At LifeSuccess Coaching® we believe these go hand in hand, and this is the reason why our programs include components on personal growth, goal setting and motivation along with a plan of action for overall personal success.

Our coaching may be delivered in several ways, one-on-one coaching, group sessions, seminars, workshops and on internet platforms like Zoom.
We employed by both businesses that wish to improve overall performance and companies that seek expansion or increased profit margins.

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